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What is stopping you from owning a property in the UK?

I have a question for you, what is it that is stopping you from investing in real estate?

What is stopping you from buying that first property?

What is stopping you from increasing your portfolio, maybe you have one before, then you raise it to two or three, or perhaps you want to double your property portfolio from four to eight or ten?

What is stopping you?

Do you feel like there’s a roadblock?

Let’s talk about it if you desire to become a first-time property owner or you want to increase your portfolio.

I know you’ve been thinking a lot about this, but I want you to stop thinking and start doing because it is possible for you to own your property in this economy.

If you have a good job, a good income, and you live in the United Kingdom, it is possible for you to be a first-time owner.

If you desire to own your first UK property between 60 – 90 days, we can make this happen for you.

Stop thinking, and start acting.

If you want us to get on this journey together, we will show you that it is possible for you to be a property owner in 90 days.

But if you are an investor who has bought 1, 2, 3 or 5 properties before but wants to understand how to accelerate their investment and double their portfolio, please drop me a message to ask for my calendar because you qualify to schedule a free one-hour session with me.

I will show you practical and effective strategies that will help you accelerate your returns, and be tax efficient in this modern economy.

I’ve head people say that “Buy-to-Let is dead,” “There’s Tax,” but when there is a will, there is a way.

So, let me know what you think, drop me a message to ask for my free 1-hour strategic property investment session.

It’s not complicated, all you need to do is send me a message, ask for my calendar, and we schedule a suitable time to take you to the next level.

I look forward to hearing from you, but until then, keep serving God. Keep living life to the max. Keep helping as many people on your journey to prosperity






What is BMV in Real Estate?

Below the market value is a common term that is used by investors and property investment experts.

But what does it really mean?

According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), market value is “the estimated amount for which a property should exchange on the date of valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arms-length transaction after property marketing wherein the parties had each acted knowledgeably, prudently and without compulsion.”

Below the market refers to any type of purchase or investment that is made below the market price, in other words, BMV is a good deal that is to the advantage of the buyer because of the ability to get properties at a cost that is lower than the going rate.

“However, there are two types of BMV properties: those that can make you money, and those that have been ignored because they are money-draining duds.

This second kind is the BMV properties that you should never buy, of course, but it’s easy to get drawn into buying something cheap which will, in fact, cost you far more of your time, money and effort than it is worth.”

Instead, you want to find the below market value properties that other investors haven’t ignored, but have missed. These are the properties that have fallen under other less observant investors’ radars, and which are ready for you to swoop in, sweep up, and make huge profits on.

In principle, an estate valuer will compare the property to other similar buildings s in the area, alongside its estimated level of demand, transferability, scarcity, and whether it can fulfill its duties as a comfortable environment in which to live, and come up with a price estimate using this combined evidence.

This is the reason to consider market value alongside questions like, “What price am I willing to pay for this property?” and “How much money will this property make me?”

Truth is, not all properties that are buyable at below the market value price are going to be significant investments. “Some of them are cheap as chips for a reason!”

In my next post, I will explain more on how to source BMV properties.

7 Real Estate Investment Terms You Should Know.

Anyone in the business of real estate investment knows there are some terms one needs to familiarize his or herself with.

To help you succeed in your real estate investment journey, these are 7 real investment terms you should know.

1. Appreciation

Appreciation is increase in the value of a property over time. It can be caused by added value as a result of property improvements (such as upgrading a kitchen, adding a room or a pool, etc.) and other things like inflation, increase in demand or decrease in supply of properties.

Appreciation is usually projected as a percentage of the property’s value over the course of a year/particular period.

  2. Cash flow

Cash flow is the amount of money you can pocket at the end of each month; after all operating expenses (including loan payments) have been paid. If you spend less money than you earn, your cash flow will be positive. If you spend more money than you earn, your cash flow will be negative.

Rental income – all operating expenses (including loan payments) = Cash flow

  3. Equity

Equity is the difference between the current market value of the property and the amount that the owner owes on the property’s mortgage. For instance, if you were to sell your property, the equity would be the money you receive after paying off the mortgage in full. This value can build up over time as the mortgage balance declines and the market value of the property appreciates.

Building home equity is a great strategy for building long-term wealth because at some point you might need to use your home equity for other investments like retirement, upgrade to a different home, or paying for a major life event.

4. Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation refers to the repairs that need to be done to make an asset tenant-ready.
This can include minor fixes such as paint and lighting upgrades but can also extend to more large-scale repairs such as roof replacement, plumbing or garage upgrades. Should such large-scale upgrades be necessary, the investor will be notified prior to purchase and can choose to forego the purchase. Rehabilitation costs are generally included in the purchase price.

5. Turn Key Property (TKP)

A turnkey property or TKP is a property that has been purchased, rehabbed and rented to a tenant and is now for sale to another investor. Turnkey properties usually cash flow from the moment the investor purchases it since the property is already rented.

6. Leasing Fee

A leasing fee is paid to the property manager when they sign a lease with a new tenant. If a tenant renews their lease there is a re-leasing fee.

  7. Return on Investment

When considering how to invest in real estate, one term you may see come up over and over is – return on investment (ROI) which stands for the calculated benefit of an investment (called the return), divided by its cost. Your ROI is impacted by several variables, such as renovation and maintenance costs, and how much you originally borrowed in order to invest in your property.

I hope this article has helped you understand these 7 real estate investment terms.

Why Ken Griffin bought a $238 Million home

It was recently reported that Ken Griffin, the American billionaire and founder of Citadel, a financial firm in the US paid $238 million for a home in New York in the same week he bought a $123 million home in London.

Griffin broke the record of the most expensive home ever sold in America when he acquired the top three floors of a luxury skyscraper in Manhattan, New York.

Well, I guess it’s some news and that’s okay, but the question is, why is he buying these choice homes?

Known for his financial acumen, Ken Griffin have started putting a lot of money into real estate in recent years.

He has a mansion in Palm Beach, bought the most expensive home ever sold in Chicago last year, and just added a mansion down the street to Buckingham Palace and this one in New York.

Today, he has about $750 million worth of properties. The question again is why is he buying?

He is investing. That’s the answer.

Mr Griffin like all wealthy people knows that real estate is one of the most lucrative investment strategies to create more wealth.

Though we do not all have Griffin’s kind of means, nevertheless, we can start from where we are.

P.S: I’m running a webinar sometime soon to help interested people who want to start investing in real estate.

Stay tuned, and until then, keep winning!
Talk soon.

2 Essential Investments You Should Make If You Want Financial Success

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Imagine having a complete turnaround from your financial struggles and breaking through to financial success this year. Now, picture it for a second.

How does it feel? Amazing right? I bet.

That’s not impossible. You can breakthrough financially and become a huge success before this year ends, but, you must know that…

Financial success is not a given, but rather an offshoot of seeds planted in the right and favourable environment.

How do I mean?

Here is it in the other words – prosperity or financial success is not a thing to be waiting for like a coming train – rather, it can be likened to an act of sowing seeds at the right time and in the right field while following up with the right processes until the time of harvest.

Do you get?

Financial success will not fall on your lap like manna from heaven; it must be worked at because no man has ever attained it just by wishing or dreaming.

So, how do you attain Financial Success?

You become financially successful by making the right investments.

An investment is simply the time, effort or money you put into anything in order to get a benefit or make profits.

Investing is how the world wealthiest men have become rich over the years but there are kinds of investment.

You could invest in formal education so that you get a good job afterwards, you could invest in gold, stocks, crypto-currency or even become an angel investor or venture capitalist – whatever you choose.

However, you must know that despite the various kinds of investment you can make, there are two kinds that yield the greatest ROI for anyone on earth and it is significantly common amongst the world greatest men.

So, What Are These 2 Kinds of Investment that Yield the Great Returns?

  1. Investment in personal development
  2. Investment in properties.

Investing in Personal Development

As I have said, investments are like seeds that must be planted in the right field and there is no better field to invest in than you.

It is essential to know that your personal development is of utmost importance if you’re going to be successful in life. You need to expand your knowledge base beyond what you already know because your competitors and colleagues at work are working really hard to excel, so why should you be left out?

Your employees are learning so that they can start-up their own business someday, so why should you not develop yourself so much that you can stay at the cutting edge and be well positioned for success?

Success has a price, and it is often paid through hard work and consistent learning. That’s how you beat the rest to it.

So, therefore, start investing in your personal development today and if you have been doing so, you can do more.

Buy more books, take more courses, attend more seminars and conferences, get a mentor and make yourself knowledgeable because it will help you become better than most people.

The other kind of investment is…

Investing in Properties

I want you to know that I didn’t add this part because I am a property investor. Rather, I am a property investor because I’ve come to understand the secret of wealth.

I do not believe that anyone needs to be ‘preached’ to, for them to invest in properties. It is a no-brainer, investing in property is a sure way to financial success and lasting legacy.

However, as an investor who has put in thousands of pounds into real estate, I know the benefits anyone who does stand to gain.

In fact, here is a short video on why I invest in properties. Watch it now and learn how to quickly start investing in properties even if you haven’t done so before.

Let me know what you think afterwards and if you have any more questions, please shoot. I am here for you.


21 Home Improvement Ideas That Increase Home Value

Every home needs occasional improvement to increase its value, and this can be done without breaking the bank. In fact, there a lot of ways to do-it-yourself…

Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, garden, or backyard. You need to be deliberate about the look of every part of your home. Spruce up the neglected room, declutter your wardrobe, create more space and brighten up the rooms with this DIY home improvement ideas.

We will start with the kitchen since it is popularly believed to be the heart of the home.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Kitchen

1. Boost your kitchen storage whether it is large or small, take advantage of the wall and free corner space with open shelves to keep dishes, spices, and cookware for easy reach.

2. Try a new shade of colour to give your cabinets a brand new look.

3. Let your floor shine. No matter the flooring material, whether wood or tiles, regular exposure to dirt, dust, and high foot traffic will leave it looking dull. You can restore your floor’s shine by polishing it with the product designed for the specific floor material.

4. Replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones. because they are better for the environment and saves you money because they use less energy.

5. Install self-adhesive hooks on the wall to hang lightweight items on.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Room

6. Sell the old vase and get a new one. Except you really like the current in which case you can just fill it with fresh flowers from the garden.

7. Get beautiful wall papers for different parts of the home. This brightens dull walls and brings life into the room with little expense that is.

8. Clean your light fittings to give the room a boost and dusty mirrors with glass cleaner spray.

9. Get a pop hamper to organise your laundry and keep season clothing or spare blankets away.

10. Fill your rooms with sensual appealing fragrance and frame your favourite photograph to hang on your wall.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Garden

11. Keep your lawn tidy by getting rid of weeds with a lawn weed killer

12. Grow plants from seeds to add colour to your garden and use plant clips to maintain healthy plant growth.

13. Use pesticides to banish garden pest and protect your plants.

14. keep flowers healthy with a flower feed and separate your flower bed from the lawn with some edging.

15. Add some solar lights.

Some Other Home Improvement Ideas

16. Remodel your bathroom by painting, changing the towel bars, faucet and mirrors.

17. Replace that tired old welcome mat to a clean new one.

18. Make your leather sofa look like new by polishing it often.

19. Use cable clips to keep cables tidy and out of the way.

20. Get a file holder to keep kid’s school work and your home office organized.

These do-it-yourself home improvement ideas are inexpensive but very essential ‘small things’ we often overlook.

Mark the ones you can start doing right now to improve your home and increase its value.

However, in conclusion…

21. Ensure to remove any household marks or stains at the first sight as these little things add up to help you have a great ‘valuable’ home.



5 Things To Love While Searching For an Ideal Home

If you are considering buying or moving to a new home, then this list of “5 Things To Love While Searching For an Ideal Home” will help you make a great choice.

These are important things to keep in mind. First…

The Location

It’s been said over and over that the best three things to look out for when getting properties are location, location and location. This can never be overstated because when you buy a house, you can not change the location.

So, therefore, consider your choice of neighbourhood based on easy access to your office, parks, shopping malls or wherever you think matters to you and your family.

The Neighbours

Having gotten the right location, you also want to consider your neighbours. Your prospective neighbours should be people you can get along with.

Is the neighbourhood safe? Do neighbours keep their yard clean? Is it a nice environment to live in? These are questions to find out answers to.

To know these, you can actually drive through on a weekend or even knock on a few doors to ask questions.

The View

Beyond location, you need to be sure that the home is situated in an area of the area that offers a pleasing view.

If your life-long dream is to look over a lake from your conservatory armchair, don’t compromise on it. Reach out for the corner of the neighbourhood that avails you that wish. (As you only live once right?.)

The Garden

If you really enjoy the ambience of a garden like me, you’ll need to find a home that has one.

An important tip here is to check that the garden faces the South, for better sunlight. East favours early morning sun lights. West is the best if you’ll be relaxing in your garden late afternoons.

Don’t forget to use the best flowers that are appealing to your senses so that your garden becomes you favourite relaxation place in the home. (Trust me, this has an inspiring benefit for idea creation.)

The Estate Agent

This won’t apply to you if you do not need an estate agent, but often times it is best that you use the expertise of a real estate professional. In fact, I recommend that you have a close tie with one.

Having a close relationship with your estate agent gives you first-hand information for buying opportunities. At MS Estate, we offer this to our in-house clients. You can also become a beneficiary of such opportunity.

In fact, we also teach people to become millionaire property investors. If any of our services interest you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Especially if you want to become a millionaire property investor.

I hope you find these 5 Things To Love While Searching For an Ideal Home helpful. If so, please help me share with your friends.

Thank you for your time.

On Being Successful: Ten Great Lessons From 10 Successful Investors.

If you had 10 successful investors in the world give you an advice each, wouldn’t you be better off?

Let’s face it; we all can use some of these lessons to get better in life.

If you’ve seen others do it, shorten your learning curve and take cues from them. That’s an easy way to become great.

Here, I want to equip you with the same tips, tricks and secrets that these investors know. So that you can apply it too…

Lesson 1:

Robert Kiyosaki advises that ‘‘real estate investing even on a very small scale remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth’’

WARNING: It is quite unfortunate that today, many people still do not understand the power of investing in properties. Cash flow is important for wealth creation and no other investment strategy provides it as much in real estate.

Lesson 2:

Richard Branson says “Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them start again.”

This is an indication that successful people fail too and to help us understand that failure is nothing to be shameful of since we all have a fair share of it. Remember this the next time you fail at anything, dust it off and get going again.

Lesson 3:

Warren Buffet says “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”

Having an in-depth knowledge and being great at anything you do lowers your chances failure, such as you can almost predict right 90% of the time. To be successful in life, you must attain this level of knowledge in your field.

Lesson 4:

Jeff Bezos says “Life is too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.

No wonder this man has become so successful. Association does make a difference in ones’ life. You can’t flock with the birds when you really want to soar like an eagle.

Lesson 5:

Elon Musk advises that you should “constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.

How much better are you today than you were yesterday? What are you currently working on to make your personal and professional life better? These are questions that you must keep in mind at all times because it will determine how far you’d go.

Lesson 6:

Billionaire Founder of Oracle, Larry Page asserts that “It is very hard to fail completely if you aim high enough.”

This is to encourage you to think big. You really have nothing to lose by aiming high enough, in fact, it’s all for your gain.

This also buttresses the lesson by Richard Branson that you should not be embarrassed by your failures, but rather learn from them start again.

Lesson 7:

Facebook Founder and investor, Mark Zuckerberg says “A simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first then you actually make a lot of progress.

Learn to break down your goals into small-bite sizes so that you can have many small wins that will make the big wins.

Lesson 8:

American President, Donald Trump once said that “what separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.”

Life is dynamic, so much that we cannot predict what is to come. However, our reaction to whatever happens determine whether we will win or not. Keep this in mind that those who win in life do not give in nor do they give up, instead they give it all it takes.

Lesson 9:

Bill Gates, the world richest man advises that “everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you are a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”

Remember what I said earlier about shortening your learning curve by learning from the ones who have been there and done that? It’s one the easy ways to become great in life.

Lesson 10:

Finally, let me also give you an advice here since I’ve spent fortunes learning from great men and have recorded my fair share of success as an investor.

Here is it. “Whatever your area of expertise, whatever you want to achieve, if you want to get to that destination faster get a coach. – Mayowa Oluyede.

In sum: Becoming a successful investor is actually fairly simple when you apply the above lessons. So let me leave you with one last tip…

“One of the elements that determine your success in life is action. You must keep working at it to work.”

I hope you find this helpful. Please share with your friends. Thank you!

Our Decisions and Choices Determine Everything

Do you know that your decisions decide your wealth?

A lot of time people wonder why they are not successful, but they are not looking at the choices they are making in life. Your decisions decide wealth, today I’m in this car park, and in this park there are a lot of different cars in this lot, from Mercedes Benz, to a range rover, that’s a Nissan and that’s another one there, a Volks Wagen.

People choose different cars for different reasons, it’s a choice. If you are going to prosper in life, it’s a choice, it’s your decision. The decisions you make determines where you will go in life, where you are today is as a result of all the decisions you’ve made in your life.

Where I am today as a result of decisions I made some years back. Is it that you decided that you want to go to school to upgrade yourself? Or you decided to change your career, you’ve decided to build a home, you’ve decided to improve in one area of your life. You’ve decided to lose that weight, you’ve decided to have more.

Everything is possible but all depends on the decisions you are making, decisions decide wealth.

If you want to be prosperous, you want to be successful financially, materially, family wise, if you want to scale up everything in your life, you have to be making quality decisions because some decisions, once you make a wrong one, it is difficult to change, it’s like you going to Liverpool and you’ve entered the train, once you’re in the train going to Liverpool, it might be difficult for you to change until you get to Liverpool town and often times, this is what happens to people in life, they make a wrong decision before they have a detour or to change course, it might take two three years, so I’m charging you today, make a quality decision in your life and if you want your prosperity to explode if you want your success to explode in life, quality decision, decision that is thought through and some quality decision require discipline, require passion, require dedication, require your commitment to make it happen, I believe you will take quality decisions in your life, and I want to see you at your very best.

Keep serving God; keep living life to the max and keep helping as many people on your journey to prosperity.

God bless you.

Secrets Revealed: 5 Reasons I Invest In Properties

There are many kinds of investments that one can make, but among the assets class, from stocks and shares, derivatives, bond, trading and all, properties stand out because of its benefits and that’s why I want to share the reasons I chose properties with you now, to help you get some clarity about this investing opportunity.

Reason Number 1: Cash Flow

I invest in properties for cash flow. Cash flow is my main reason, but why is cash flow so important? Cash is king – you probably know how it feels when you make money every month, it’s like having someone that pays you a salary, but in property, it’s even interesting because you are making money why you are sleeping, and this is very important to me as a property investor.

Imagine that you make an extra £200-£300 from a property every month and you have ten properties, which make £2000 – £3000 per month. That means you are generating £2000 extra cash flow from your property investment every month, this is enough to replace your income, enough to tell your boss I’ve had enough.

Cash is flow is king but there are other strategies even if you don’t want to buy out rightly, you can choose to control a property if you don’t want to buy it, you could decide to rent from an estate agent and this property will still give you cash flow, if you choose to do multi-lets, a lot of people think it is until they own properties that they can make money from it – no. You can make money from a property that you don’t own out rightly and these are strategies that we teach in our property master class.

Reason Number 2: Tax Advantage

I invest in properties because of Tax advantage. I’ve heard many people say that the reason they don’t want to invest in real estate is tax and this makes me laugh because if they know what they need to know, they should embrace the tax system in this country for property investors.

There are a lot of incentives for people who invest in real estate; you just need to know what you need to know. Don’t take my word for it, you can Google tax advantage in the UK for property investors and you’ll see that there are advantages for investing in properties. One example is if you sell your main residence, the property you bought from 10-20 years that you used to live in, if you sell this property, you are not going to pay anything called a tax. There is no capital gain tax for such investment; you can walk away without paying a dime on tax.

Even if you are a buy-to-let investor, and you want to sell some properties, every year there is a capital allowance that you can enjoy. Also, if you buy a property for you and your wife, that means there is an allowance for two people which is about £22,000, that is £11, 000 per individual. What that means is, if you buy in joint names when you sell, there is £22,000 in tax rebate or allowance for you. A profit of £11,000 per person each time you want to sell that property and that’s why we advise people to buy in joint names. And even now with cooperation, if you buy the company name, it’s another scenario; you might be able to save even much more from tax. We reveal a lot of these in our property master class.

Reason Number 3: Leverage

I also invest in properties for leverage. Leverage is the miracle of investing in real estate. I have never seen any investment or business you want to do that you can leverage as you can do in property investing. Today if you go to the bank and say that you want to buy a property, as a first-time buyer, you might be able to get a 95% mortgage or a 90% mortgage depending on your status, income or credit record.

But if you want to buy stocks and shares, you can’t get a penny from the bank, leverage is very important when you are investing in real estate, and because a lot of people don’t know how to do this, they think it is difficult. It is not, in fact, there are other sophisticated strategies to use other people’s money. You can have a joint venture with other people to invest in real estate. Two, three or four people can come together to invest, there are lenders out there that will allow many individuals to invest together.

This is the power of leverage, using other people’s money to create wealth for you. It is not difficult, but if you don’t know this, it looks difficult. Leverage is what has helped me to build a significant portfolio for myself and within two years you can refinance and grow your portfolio, if you do this well, then you can get to the level where every two years you can increase your portfolio.

Reason Number 4: Instant Discount

I invest in properties for an instant discount. This is where one’s negotiating skill comes to play. People buy property and they don’t realize that they can actually pay a cheaper price for it just like every other thing they buy when you go to Tesco, you buy at discount, you go to the car dealer you buy at discount. In the same way, when you are investing in property you can also buy at discount but there are some things you need to know so that you don’t buy the way everybody is buying. It actually requires doing the work because there are many ways you can acquire properties at a lower price.

If you want to buy property at a discounted price, then you want to be looking for people who want to relocate out of town. You want to look for people who have just been bereaved, you want to look for people who want to downsize or upsize, among other ways, these ones are likely to sell cheaper.  Sadly but truly, you want to look for people who are going through divorce and people whose property has just been repossessed. Or you might even have to look for property that is in bad shape, which needs renovation. While it is true that it might not be easy to find these kinds of people, if you put in the work, you will definitely find them.

This is what smart investors do; they learn to buy at a discount. But if you can’t do the work, you can buy from property ‘sourcers’ – these are people who source for properties at discount and charge you for the service, trust me, this is always worth it.

Mastering the art of buying at discount is the winning formula for property investing.

Reason Number 5: Legacy

My number 5 reason for investing in properties is legacy. I invest in properties because I want to leave a lasting legacy for my family and loved ones when I eventually pass on. This is because I want them to have something to inherit. I know am going to live long but when I finally die I want to give something of value back to my children, great-grandchildren and humanity as a whole.