21 Home Improvement Ideas That Increase Home Value

Every home needs occasional improvement to increase its value, and this can be done without breaking the bank. In fact, there a lot of ways to do-it-yourself…

Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, garden, or backyard. You need to be deliberate about the look of every part of your home. Spruce up the neglected room, declutter your wardrobe, create more space and brighten up the rooms with this DIY home improvement ideas.

We will start with the kitchen since it is popularly believed to be the heart of the home.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Kitchen

1. Boost your kitchen storage whether it is large or small, take advantage of the wall and free corner space with open shelves to keep dishes, spices, and cookware for easy reach.

2. Try a new shade of colour to give your cabinets a brand new look.

3. Let your floor shine. No matter the flooring material, whether wood or tiles, regular exposure to dirt, dust, and high foot traffic will leave it looking dull. You can restore your floor’s shine by polishing it with the product designed for the specific floor material.

4. Replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones. because they are better for the environment and saves you money because they use less energy.

5. Install self-adhesive hooks on the wall to hang lightweight items on.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Room

6. Sell the old vase and get a new one. Except you really like the current in which case you can just fill it with fresh flowers from the garden.

7. Get beautiful wall papers for different parts of the home. This brightens dull walls and brings life into the room with little expense that is.

8. Clean your light fittings to give the room a boost and dusty mirrors with glass cleaner spray.

9. Get a pop hamper to organise your laundry and keep season clothing or spare blankets away.

10. Fill your rooms with sensual appealing fragrance and frame your favourite photograph to hang on your wall.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Garden

11. Keep your lawn tidy by getting rid of weeds with a lawn weed killer

12. Grow plants from seeds to add colour to your garden and use plant clips to maintain healthy plant growth.

13. Use pesticides to banish garden pest and protect your plants.

14. keep flowers healthy with a flower feed and separate your flower bed from the lawn with some edging.

15. Add some solar lights.

Some Other Home Improvement Ideas

16. Remodel your bathroom by painting, changing the towel bars, faucet and mirrors.

17. Replace that tired old welcome mat to a clean new one.

18. Make your leather sofa look like new by polishing it often.

19. Use cable clips to keep cables tidy and out of the way.

20. Get a file holder to keep kid’s school work and your home office organized.

These do-it-yourself home improvement ideas are inexpensive but very essential ‘small things’ we often overlook.

Mark the ones you can start doing right now to improve your home and increase its value.

However, in conclusion…

21. Ensure to remove any household marks or stains at the first sight as these little things add up to help you have a great ‘valuable’ home.



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