About Mayowa.

Meet Mayowa Oluyede.

Mayowa Oluyede is one of the successful African entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom, who has built a successful career in the real estate and property investment sector in the United Kingdom.

Just out of the University of Lagos in 1991, where he studied Estate Management, Mayowa worked with Diya Fatimileyin & Co, a Nigerian Estate Surveyors and Valuers firm. There, he quickly rose to the post of a partner before migrating to the United Kingdom in December 2000.

He is the founder and CEO of MS Estates, an Estate Agency firm based in Dagenham, Essex.

In addition to running MS Estates, Mayowa is also the creator of Property Millionaire Blueprint and Kingdom Wealth Academy (KWA). A platform he began in 2013 to mentor people in the areas of leading a successful life and wealth creation. His mission is to raise 10,000 Kingdom Millionaires for Christ through this initiative.

With over a quarter of a century experience in real estate investing, Mayowa shares valuable lessons from his ongoing journey as an entrepreneur in his weekly vlog. He also hosts webinars and monthly seminars where he doles out answers to questions about property investment, successful living, and entrepreneurship based on a lifetime of building a multi-million pounds property investment portfolio.

As a seasoned property investor, Mayowa turned a £35,000 loan into a £4.1 million portfolio in 30 months and this is still growing yearly. In his book, Property Millionaire Blueprint – How to Build a Multi-million Property Portfolio from Scratch, he shells out his principle on how he achieved this and how any other person can do that within a short period of time with no holds barred.


Mayowa likes to refer to real estate as his first love because, since 1987 when he began studying estate management at the University, he’s been intent on building an extraordinary career, a path which he continues to tow.

When he migrated to the United Kingdom in 2000, he briefly worked with BBC as a security guard, but he has this strong belief and passion that he can do better than just being a security guard.

In July 2005, Mayowa took his chances of pursuing this dream by co-founding MS Estates, with a vision to help investors and individuals to achieve their real estate goals.

Since then, he’s been serving the London residential rental market. In fact, MS Estates currently manages a large property portfolio in the London area, with other subsidiary companies complementing its services.

Mayowa holds a postgraduate degree in Real Estate and Development from the University of Westminster, and a level 3 Certification in Mortgage Advice and Practice. Mayowa is also a Certified High Performance coach.

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