Our Decisions and Choices Determine Everything

Do you know that your decisions decide your wealth?

A lot of time people wonder why they are not successful, but they are not looking at the choices they are making in life. Your decisions decide wealth, today I’m in this car park, and in this park there are a lot of different cars in this lot, from Mercedes Benz, to a range rover, that’s a Nissan and that’s another one there, a Volks Wagen.

People choose different cars for different reasons, it’s a choice. If you are going to prosper in life, it’s a choice, it’s your decision. The decisions you make determines where you will go in life, where you are today is as a result of all the decisions you’ve made in your life.

Where I am today as a result of decisions I made some years back. Is it that you decided that you want to go to school to upgrade yourself? Or you decided to change your career, you’ve decided to build a home, you’ve decided to improve in one area of your life. You’ve decided to lose that weight, you’ve decided to have more.

Everything is possible but all depends on the decisions you are making, decisions decide wealth.

If you want to be prosperous, you want to be successful financially, materially, family wise, if you want to scale up everything in your life, you have to be making quality decisions because some decisions, once you make a wrong one, it is difficult to change, it’s like you going to Liverpool and you’ve entered the train, once you’re in the train going to Liverpool, it might be difficult for you to change until you get to Liverpool town and often times, this is what happens to people in life, they make a wrong decision before they have a detour or to change course, it might take two three years, so I’m charging you today, make a quality decision in your life and if you want your prosperity to explode if you want your success to explode in life, quality decision, decision that is thought through and some quality decision require discipline, require passion, require dedication, require your commitment to make it happen, I believe you will take quality decisions in your life, and I want to see you at your very best.

Keep serving God; keep living life to the max and keep helping as many people on your journey to prosperity.

God bless you.

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6 years ago

Valid Point, Quality Decision Making

6 years ago

Extremely profound words, God bless you so much sir

6 years ago

This is a great video, highlighting how our lives are shaped by our decisions.
Thank you very much and more power to your elbow.
Looking forward to a greater year 2018 with you.

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