Do you pay yourself first?

This week I have a question for you; do you pay yourself every month?

Let’s talk about it.

Many people that I have come in contact with in my journey of life do say to me that it’s difficult to create wealth and save money. That I believe is simply because they have not yet mastered the act of paying themselves every month.

How easily can anyone do this? As a business man, you will agree with me that you pay your staff, pay gas bill, pay your electricity bill and you will pay business rate, along with everything that needs to be paid.

In fact, if you are self-employed you are very likely to pay your rent before you pay yourself, and if you are employed, your tax is taken from your salary first before they hand it over to you.

Then you’d have to pay that mortgage; pay the school fees for your children; and all the groceries. Basically, what I am trying to say is that you spend money every day. Yet, you pay yourself last, forgetting the same man or woman that works hard to create that wealth – You.

The good news for you today is that you can change that situation.

You need to learn the act of paying yourself first. If you are a Christian like me, I believe that you pay your tithe. After paying your tithe, I urge you to put aside at least 10% to pay yourself before you accommodate any expenditure. After then, whatever is left is what you will spend for that month.

When you develop this skill your wealth situation will change drastically. Just imagine you are able to pay yourself 200 or 300 pounds every month; depending on your wages every month.

Whatever you earn every month, ensure to save 10% of it. That means you are paying yourself 10%. For instance, 10% of £2000 is ‎£200, at the end of one year you would have saved £2400 and if you invest this money smartly either in stock or in shares or whatever investment you want to put it into, it grows. You are able to enjoy the power of compound interest.

However, I advise you put it in an investment vehicle that will generate returns. Just imagine what £200 pounds saved intentionally for the next 15, 20, 30, 50 years could be by the time you retire. By then, this money will be handy for you to do good stuff, to enjoy the kind of retirement you deserve or even use to probably buy a second home because £2400 every year in about 5 years is a lot of money.

In reality, you can pay deposit of any property, whether it is in London, Manchester, Liverpool, or anywhere in the UK. The point I’m sharing with you is that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step.

You only have to begin.

I urge you to develop the habit of saving every month, put some money aside, let every other thing wait; pay yourself; you are working hard and it’s going to be a disaster if you do not master the act of paying yourself first.

The tax man pays their own money before they pay you. Why not pay yourself as well? You are working hard; but you need to learn how to work smart too so that at the end of the day you can reap the fruit of your labour.

I hope this has blessed you so well. And if you really enjoyed this post today, I implore you to help me share this post and make comments so I can keep serving you every week. I am committed to coming your way every week this year 2017.

God bless you. Don’t forget to keep serving God; keep living life to the max and keep helping as many people on your journey to prosperity.


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