Four Great Ideas to Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever

For some of us, the past year, 2016 was an amazing year because we were able to achieve much of our goals. For this reason, it is not enough to rest on our oars; you need to keep scaling our efforts to achieve even much more.

Nevertheless, I want to share with you four great ideas that will surely improve your life this year. However, I strongly believe that an investment in yourself is what will make the difference for you in this year, 2017. It will give a complete turnaround.

First, you need to become a reader. It can’t be overstated that readers are leaders, if you haven’t been reading habitually; this is the time you make that change. Reading has the ability to change your life drastically, moreover, it is easier to read now than ever with the advent of audio books that can played when you are driving or doing other things. I challenge you today; at least, read one book a month, which is twelve books a year, when you do that, you will be better than your peers. Trust me.

Second, educate yourself; you need to spend little money to attend seminars in your area of expertise. The purpose here is to get you ahead of the pack, to become part of the top 1% of your business category. To achieve that, you need to learn and network. Therefore, I encourage you to pen down seminars, workshops and trainings that will give you learning and networking opportunities. Remember, iron sharpens iron; you need to be connecting with people who are going where you want to go.

Third, review your experience regularly. You want to know the things that are working for you and those that are not, in order to avoid repeating same mistakes. Doing this, gives you an ownership of your life, it helps you improve by eliminating the things that have not worked by focusing on the ones that are working.

The fourth great idea for you is that you need a coach, you need a mentor. I cannot over emphasize this; my income has increased drastically because I have mentors in my life. I have mentors in different aspects investing in my life every day. You need a coach because he or she has worked the journey you are about to work, they can hold your hands and tell you what is working and what is not working, instead of committing your life to trial and errors.

And finally, whence you’ve acquire all this experiences; I want you to be able to lift others up, because success without a successor is failure.

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Lanre Adesuyi
7 years ago

Mayowa I am forever grateful to you and your team for upholding the height of integrity,dependability with quick delivery in your services.I have been a beneficiary of your efficient service delivery and wealth building please keep up the good job.

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