2 Essential Investments You Should Make If You Want Financial Success

Imagine having a complete turnaround from your financial struggles and breaking through to financial success this year. Now, picture it for a second.

How does it feel? Amazing right? I bet.

That’s not impossible. You can breakthrough financially and become a huge success before this year ends, but, you must know that…

Financial success is not a given, but rather an offshoot of seeds planted in the right and favourable environment.

How do I mean?

Here is it in the other words – prosperity or financial success is not a thing to be waiting for like a coming train – rather, it can be likened to an act of sowing seeds at the right time and in the right field while following up with the right processes until the time of harvest.

Do you get?

Financial success will not fall on your lap like manna from heaven; it must be worked at because no man has ever attained it just by wishing or dreaming.

So, how do you attain Financial Success?

You become financially successful by making the right investments.

An investment is simply the time, effort or money you put into anything in order to get a benefit or make profits.

Investing is how the world wealthiest men have become rich over the years but there are kinds of investment.

You could invest in formal education so that you get a good job afterwards, you could invest in gold, stocks, crypto-currency or even become an angel investor or venture capitalist – whatever you choose.

However, you must know that despite the various kinds of investment you can make, there are two kinds that yield the greatest ROI for anyone on earth and it is significantly common amongst the world greatest men.

So, What Are These 2 Kinds of Investment that Yield the Great Returns?

  1. Investment in personal development
  2. Investment in properties.

Investing in Personal Development

As I have said, investments are like seeds that must be planted in the right field and there is no better field to invest in than you.

It is essential to know that your personal development is of utmost importance if you’re going to be successful in life. You need to expand your knowledge base beyond what you already know because your competitors and colleagues at work are working really hard to excel, so why should you be left out?

Your employees are learning so that they can start-up their own business someday, so why should you not develop yourself so much that you can stay at the cutting edge and be well positioned for success?

Success has a price, and it is often paid through hard work and consistent learning. That’s how you beat the rest to it.

So, therefore, start investing in your personal development today and if you have been doing so, you can do more.

Buy more books, take more courses, attend more seminars and conferences, get a mentor and make yourself knowledgeable because it will help you become better than most people.

The other kind of investment is…

Investing in Properties

I want you to know that I didn’t add this part because I am a property investor. Rather, I am a property investor because I’ve come to understand the secret of wealth.

I do not believe that anyone needs to be ‘preached’ to, for them to invest in properties. It is a no-brainer, investing in property is a sure way to financial success and lasting legacy.

However, as an investor who has put in thousands of pounds into real estate, I know the benefits anyone who does stand to gain.

In fact, here is a short video on why I invest in properties. Watch it now and learn how to quickly start investing in properties even if you haven’t done so before.

Let me know what you think afterwards and if you have any more questions, please shoot. I am here for you.


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6 years ago

Dear Mayowa,
This brilliant, I would like to start investing in properties do you give advice or coaching?
Thank you.

Del oshinibosi
Del oshinibosi
6 years ago

Thank you , I agree completely that we should Investment in personal development , however , should we invest in our area of weakness ? for example , i don’t like accounting and tax planning books , i outsource these activities to the accountants , i know some of the task i can do myself but it will take me days and days to figure it out .
it has been said we should developed our area of strength rather them weakness ..let me know your thoughts on this

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