Why Ken Griffin bought a $238 Million home

It was recently reported that Ken Griffin, the American billionaire and founder of Citadel, a financial firm in the US paid $238 million for a home in New York in the same week he bought a $123 million home in London.

Griffin broke the record of the most expensive home ever sold in America when he acquired the top three floors of a luxury skyscraper in Manhattan, New York.

Well, I guess it’s some news and that’s okay, but the question is, why is he buying these choice homes?

Known for his financial acumen, Ken Griffin have started putting a lot of money into real estate in recent years.

He has a mansion in Palm Beach, bought the most expensive home ever sold in Chicago last year, and just added a mansion down the street to Buckingham Palace and this one in New York.

Today, he has about $750 million worth of properties. The question again is why is he buying?

He is investing. That’s the answer.

Mr Griffin like all wealthy people knows that real estate is one of the most lucrative investment strategies to create more wealth.

Though we do not all have Griffin’s kind of means, nevertheless, we can start from where we are.

P.S: I’m running a webinar sometime soon to help interested people who want to start investing in real estate.

Stay tuned, and until then, keep winning!
Talk soon.

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