The Three Determinants Of Success In Life

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Today, I want to specifically share with you the three key things that determine one’s success in life.

First, is DESIRE. You’ve got to desire to succeed in life if you will. Desire is the energy that brings accomplishment to life, nothing ever happens by wishing. What is your mission? What do you want to accomplish in life? These questions must be rightly answered. However, you must also keep in mind that with desire, comes a price. You must have a desire and be ready to pay the price if you want to succeed in life.

Second, is BELIEVE. If you do not believe, how is it going to happen? You must believe that your desire can be achieved. You must believe that what you want out of life is possible, I mean, your entire being must believe that your desire can be achieved because desire and belief makes a formidable impact for success in life.

Third, is ACTION. If you desire it and believe that you can have it, then, you must go to work for it. Miracles do not just happen, you need to be able to work at you goal and desires in life. If you really want to succeed in life my friend, you need to keep moving. You must keep pressing on, working at your goals and mission.

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