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Achieving Your Goals: The Best Research-Driven Ways

We all know that setting and achieving our goals is important for success. But many of us struggle when it comes to actually achieving them. Fear not, as there are research-driven ways to help us in this process. This blog post will discuss the best ways to achieve our goals based on scientific research. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Set Specific Goals

A study conducted at the Dominican University of California revealed that people who wrote down their goals were 42% more likely to achieve them. Other studies have found that those who set specific goals have a higher success rate. Setting specific goals means defining them in detail, with measurable milestones and a timeline. This helps us to focus and measure our progress.

2. Visualize Success

We become more likely to achieve our goals when we envision ourselves succeeding. A study conducted by the University of Chicago found that visualization exercises improved participants’ motivation and performance. Take a few moments each day and imagine yourself successfully completing your goals. This will boost your motivation and give you the confidence to tackle challenges.

3. Break Goals into Smaller Chunks:

Some goals can be overwhelming and discouraging, and it can lead to procrastination. According to research conducted at the University of Scranton, breaking significant goals into smaller tasks makes them more achievable. This method called “the salami technique,” involves slicing major tasks into smaller achievable ones, making it easier to see progress.

4. Tell Others About Your Goals

Sharing our goals with others can be a powerful motivator. A study by the American Society of Training and Development found that people who share their goals with others and have regular accountability sessions are 30% more likely to achieve them. We create social accountability and a support network by informing others about our goals.

5. Persistence is Key

Even if we follow all the proper steps, setbacks, and failures are inevitable. However, it is essential not to give up and keep persisting. Research by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck has found that people with a “growth mindset” view failure as an opportunity to learn and discover new approaches. In contrast, those with a “fixed mindset” view failure as a signal of poor ability and give up easily. By adopting a growth mindset, we can approach failure with a positive attitude and learn from it.

In conclusion, achieving our goals is possible if we incorporate research-driven methods into the process. Setting specific goals, visualizing ourselves succeeding, breaking big goals into smaller chunks, sharing our plans with others, and persisting even when we fail are all effective ways to achieve our objectives. Remember, success is not just about reaching our destination but also about the journey. Keep these research-driven tips in mind, and remember to enjoy the process.

Habits Of Financially Successful People You Should Emulate

With building wealth, there is no such thing as luck. Every millionaire today learned and followed some principles that resulted in lasting riches. They have a history of making sacrifices and hard work. They learned and became committed to some habits that resulted in the success they have today. The truth is that success is not destined for some special people but for people that are key to the principles of making wealth. Anybody can gain financial freedom if they can learn and build these habits. Below are some habits you can emulate from some of the successful people you desire to be like. 

They Are Always Learning

Successful people have come to realize that knowledge is the ultimate investment. They know that the best thing they can do is to invest in themselves, the reason they never stop learning. Material things can be lost or stolen, but the knowledge you gather through investment in yourself can never leave you. Successful people read books about business, tax, leadership, etc. They do this to keep themselves updated with the trend so that they will think and create real-time ideas that will apply to the current situation. The importance of this is that it enables them to stay ahead of others and create financial opportunities for them.

They Create Multiple Streams Of Income

Every millionaire has over one stream of income. They have a way of generating passive income. They search for business opportunities they can invest in, such as real estate, online business, stocks, to name a few. To build their capacity as such that they do not need to be in a certain location to make money. One way they do this is to use their money to generate several sources of income. They leverage different opportunities to make money. You can implement this even if you have a job. You can start something by committing some hours in a week to something other than your regular job that can increase your income. If you are consistent, this business will grow into other streams of income.

They Plan And Save Consistently

One thing that is common to financially successful people is their saving habit. Unlike every normal person, these people save and invest a lot. An average American spends more than their income, which is why they always run into debts. Millionaires today have cultivated the habit of saving over time. They do not start their life by living a luxurious life they can not afford. This allows them to act promptly when they discover opportunities. They do not find opportunities before saving, but they save and act quickly when they find opportunities they can invest in. And they work closely with their financial advisor to guide them when making financial decisions. 

They Selectively Choose Opportunities

Wealthy people are always concerned about details. As much as they take risks, they are usually patient and careful while making investment decisions. They do not jump at every opportunity that comes their way. Without that, they will lose the wealth they have been able to gather in no time. They take calculated risks and ensure they do all their assignments before investing in any business. If they do not understand the business well, they look for professionals in that field to teach them all it entails.

Successful people are always learning, they have multiple streams of income, they have the habit of saving,  and choose opportunities wisely. You can gain financial freedom if you consistently follow these guides. Although these don’t come easy, you can achieve your financial goals if you are committed.

4 Ways To Achieve Your Goals This Year

Let’s be honest, when the new year rolls around, we make these big ambitious “New Year’s Resolutions.” Only for us to have forgotten them about three weeks into January. Here are four proven ways to help you not only meet but crush your resolutions and achieve your biggest goals this year.

1. Start Where You Are

The biggest mistake people make in goal setting is shooting too high. You will not go from overweight or unemployed to being in perfect shape or raking in six figures within a year. If you work every day on smaller tasks with small progress, then your results will be tremendous. Truth is, a lot of times, the difference between success and failure is simply showing up. Taking small steps will lead to accomplishments, which can snowball into other successes. If you start where you are, then keep working one step at a time, and you will reach all your goals within the year. 

In a nutshell, try to aim for progress, not perfection.

2. Be patient.

I know how it feels when you plan out your year, and you want everything to happen right now. You don’t want to wait for anything, so you end up overwhelmed, and you quit. When we expect things to come overnight, we get frustrated by the smallest detours. For example, if you decide you are going to lose thirty pounds this year, then it can be discouraging when one week you lose five pounds and the next week you gain three. 

It is okay, that’s just how it goes when you are trying to change your lifestyle for the better. Going after massive success is not something where you go from 0 to 60 in a year. Be patient and know that everything will happen when it happens.

3. Focus On The Today

It is okay to have goals for the future, but our happiness should come from progress in the present. If you are not happy where you are today, then what makes you think you will be happy tomorrow? So many people get so wrapped up in their big dreams that they forget about what matters most. We should always work to find happiness in our daily activities. If you focus on today, then the future will take care of itself.

4. Reevaluate Your Goals

As humans, we are creatures of habit. We often get so used to doing things a certain way that we don’t even think about changing them anymore. For example, if you wake up tomorrow and decide that your goal of losing thirty pounds is no longer something that you want to do, then it shouldn’t be a big deal. Reevaluate the plans that you have for yourself because sometimes what you thought was right can change. You may pursue different dreams or give up on some dreams altogether. It is your life, after all.

If you keep these four things in mind when setting goals, I can guarantee that you will achieve your biggest dreams this year. 

Understanding The Different Forex Trading Strategies.

Trading in currency is a high-risk investment, but many experts have been able to find their feet in the currency market and make maximum gains in various trading positions. It is not a fluke that any of these traders rely on strategies that keep them alert from trading in wrong currency pairs or investing in a long-term timeframe for pairs that should be medium-term trading.

A forex trading strategy is a definite system that aids traders in determining when to buy or sell a particular currency pair. It is an essential part of being a currency trader. Traders design various strategies to help them profit from trading currencies in the forex market. Each is unique for its preferred trading style, period, and risk tolerance.

Seasoned traders do not have a size that fits all strategies for trading in the forex market but has a record of trading strategies, either technical or fundamental analysis you can apply at different turns and twists in the market, which will help them mitigate losses and maximize profits.

I highlight some top strategies used by forex traders below.


This is one of the most popular trading strategies traders use, especially during an overlap in trading sessions. It involves opening up many trades within the shortest possible time frame, usually seconds or minutes, to make swift traders rake in small profits per trade. 

Scalping is a game-changer strategy for investors looking for a price action that is constantly moving and capitalises on its fluctuations and minute increments. This trading strategy is quite popular among forex traders because of its volatility and liquidity but majorly trades major currencies to get more scalp with substantial pips.

Scalping is time-consuming and stressful for traders, as you need to be alert throughout the trading day, focusing on charts for several hours to detect windows of opportunity.

Day Trading

One of the best strategies for a trader is day trading, as it gives you a grasp of how the market works over time and does not make the same mistake twice. Everyone who trades in forex uses this strategy. The catch is that you have the luxury of the day’s activities to enter and exit their trading positions with a profit or loss margin. Day trading happens within a short-term trading period, not more than a day without the added risk of overnight market fluctuations. You end your trade at the official close of the market. 

However, you need to know how to exploit technical and fundamental analysis (for instance, elections, acquisition or mergers, GDPs, interest rates, etc.) Using key indicators, such as the Relative Strength Index and MACD, to identify trends and market conditions.

Day trading is like scalping because you need to accumulate small gains to build your profits, which is usually time-consuming.

Swing Trading

Swing trading is a very strategic way of exploring the forex market. I consider it a medium-term trading strategy, as you can hold the position for several days or weeks to capture short-term market moves like a trend, counter-trend, momentum, and breakout trading.

This strategy is time-saving as you do not need to be monitoring charts or trades for the whole day but at specific times of the day, then making your move when you notice a window of opportunity.

If you use this strategy, you won’t be able to ride significant trends and be prone to overnight risk or loss, as you would hold the position for weeks.

Position Trading

Forex traders interested in long-term trades usually use the position trading strategy. Trading positions take weeks, months, and years to play out for these traders as they analyze and evaluate the market for potential entry and exit levels.

This trading strategy involves monitoring central bank fiscal and monetary policies, political developments, and other existential factors to identify recurring trends you can exploit to maximise profit when trading in currency pairs. 

The central principle for these traders is patience, as their position may take months or years before it pans out.

Also, they do not need to trade regularly, just a few trades, and they can make hundreds of pips on the trade. But the downside is that you need to have professional knowledge of exploiting technical and fundamental analysis for maximum gains because you will only have few trading opportunities to implement it.

5 Reasons You Need A Multiple Stream Of Income

More than ever, creating multiple sources of income is essential to keep a constant flow of cash for your immediate needs, increase your purchasing power and fund your desired lifestyle.

The concept of diverse sources of income is more profound in this age. The internet is a leveler with several decentralized platforms offering people the opportunity to make passive or active income either by selling products, trading, or offering services from the comfort of their homes. 

Aside from having financial protection, earning an extra income also gives you the leverage to pursue your passion, travel far and wide, explore the world, and might be the opportunity to move from financial dependency to being independent and sufficient. 

If you ever desire to create multiple income streams for yourself, the reasons below will reinforce the desire to commit to that plan. 

Financial Independence 

Having extra income sources helps you to be financially independent of your primary income or rely on anyone to live your dream life. It puts you in a position where you do not have to work to fund the lifestyle you desire and the absolute choice to decide when to retire. 

You have control over your time, the type of investment, and your commitment. It allows you to spend enough time with your family and friends and more time to rest and enjoy while you don’t have to worry about making money or the financial cost of your lifestyle. 

Diversification Of Investment

Multiple income streams allow you to diversify your investment portfolio to minimize risks. With money coming in from different sources, you can choose to invest in other enterprises or businesses from the various cash flow sources to generate more revenue, so in the event of a disaster or loss in one investment, you can have another that will make up for it. According to a famous phrase, “do not put all your eggs in one basket.”

Financial Security

If you work a 9-5 job or run a business, it is best to create other income sources to mitigate the impact of the loss of a job or failure in your industry. With much instability in the corporate world amidst the economic recession, you can not assure the safety of your job. It is best to be prepared for the inevitable by having income from other sources aside from your job.  

Fund Your Dream Life

If you want to achieve the dream of living in a penthouse, going on vacation in exotic destinations, or timeout on a yacht, then you must be smart enough to create multiple income sources to fund those dreams. 

The chances are high that you may not realize your dream life if you keep up with only one source of income. Rather than worry about the dream, designate a diversified income source to cater to your vision.

More Time To Enjoy Your Life. 

When you have income from different sources, it affords you the privilege to be your own boss, a chance to plan your life the way you want. You can choose to pursue your passion, spend more time with your family, or even retire early to travel the world. 

Creating multiple sources of income takes time, hard work, and dedication to build, but if you commit to the plan, you are on the right path to achieving financial sufficiency. 

There are many options you can combine with your daily job or your business. Find the right one that fits your schedule. Even if your monthly income covers your expenses, it is still best to supplement it with other income streams. 

Are you interested in trading in the capital market, or do you want to invest in properties in the UK? I can help you. If any of the above interest you, book a free 30 minutes with me here and lets about helping you create multiple streams of income. 

7 Benefits Of Trading The Forex Market

The advancement of the internet and mobile-accessible trading platforms has decentralized the financial sector and made financial investment more accessible to people. As a global market, forex offers an opportunity for anyone to access the financial market, trade, and make profits from the comfort of their home.

Foreign exchange, otherwise called FX, is the largest market globally, which operates 24 hours per day and five days a week, characterized by the trading of currencies, depending on their increasing or decreasing value. The several entities that make up the foreign market make it more interesting, with banks, brokers, and corporate financial institutions speculating the fluctuation in the value of currencies. 

Because of its volatility and unpredictability, forex trading is quite risky to invest in, though it offers opportunities for investors to make gainful returns on their investment. It also offers other advantages, like high liquidity and convenient market hours, which makes it attractive. 

If you have ever considered investing in forex, now is the time to do so, because it can set you on the right path to achieve your financial breakthrough. This article highlights the benefits of trading in the forex market. 

Low Cost Of Trading

Trading forex requires a good amount of money but depending on your financial capacity, you can start with very little. Besides, the cost of transactions is low. 

Forex traders make profits from the spread, measured in percentages, which are then calculated based on the price and value of the currency pair you are trading. These spreads are low-cost, making forex trading relatively convenient. 

It’s A Large And Global Market

The prospect of gaining access to a global market regardless of your location is a massive attraction to forex. As the world’s largest financial market, traders exchange an average of $4 billion on the market every day, creating enormous opportunities for brokers and investors. Because forex is being traded globally, governments do not regulate it.

It Offers A 24 Hours Trade

Forex trading occurs over-the-counter (OTC), which makes trading not subjected to opening or closing hours. The parties involve trade directly with one another, facilitated by a broker. 

Trading can happen any time of the day as long as the market is open somewhere in the world. Forex market runs continuously from Monday Morning time and closes on Friday afternoon, New York time. However, trading is closed on weekends, except for the crypto markets. 

High Liquidity

The high volume of billions of dollars traded every day on the market creates significant volatility in the values of currencies. While no one regulates the forex market, several external factors like the global economy, natural disasters, news, and events in the political space influenced it. 

When these factors influence the market, it can increase some currencies, giving room for investors to amass profits. 

Market Volatility

The high volume of foreign exchange in activities in 24 hours makes forex a volatile market. Traders can exchange currencies with little difference in their value with relative ease. The market’s liquidity allows you to trade with minimal risk of currency stability and control the movement of your investments.

Availability Of Leverage

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of forex is leverage, which allows you to open a prominent trade position with a small amount of capital, allowing you to control a significant stake during trading. Depending on your trading location, forex offers numbers of leverage expressed in ratio to increase your profits. 

Access To Risk Management Tools

Forex offers different risk access tools to manage and analyze your investments. Free demo accounts allow you to practice in a live virtual market until you hone your trading skills and have become confident enough to go live. These risk management tools, like stop loss, take profit, interactive charts, and technical analysis, will help you manage your risks. 

Forex trading has its fair share of risks, but if you pay great attention to details and observe the market trend, it will help you make decisions that will help you rake in profits every day. 

Would you like to learn how to trade forex? You can reach out to me to find out how to join the Capital Market Academy, so you can make money as soon as you are ready. 

5 Secrets To Help You Create Lasting Wealth That Will Outlive You

Wealth is beyond fancy cars, gigantic mansions, exotic holidays, and yachts. Wealth is a wise investment that yields profits and substantial returns. It takes a commitment to wealth-building strategies and investing in people. 

A famous saying goes, ‘’a generational wealth begins with a risk-taker,” but so is generational poverty.

The great disparity between the rich and poor in the world is a testament that there are secrets to creating lasting wealth that can withstand the test of time and drastic economic changes. 

Taking a clue from wealthy people reveals that creating lasting wealth is a long-term goal that requires planning, perseverance, and commitment. Simply wishing to be rich without taking cognizance of the secrets of wealth creation adopted by the successful upper class of the society is just a futile endeavor. 

Therefore, if you desire financial stability, you need to understand that there is no get rich quick scheme anywhere. Becoming wealthy is the accumulation of resources over a lifetime. 

Consider the points below and apply them to your life to experience a turnaround in your finances. 

Financial Responsibility  

Financial responsibility is a skill and mindset that manages available resources to make plans for the present. It is a lot of decision-making that requires critical thinking and risk-taking. To achieve financial stability and create lasting wealth, you need to be prudent in judiciously spending and managing your resources. 

Realistic Expectations

While investing in properties or the stock market, maintain a realistic expectation of your return on investment. Do not set your hope too high, losing sight of external factors and changes in market trends. 

Many people expect a far more yield on investment than the average expectation, which might lead to incurring too much risk. According to Economic Times, “there is nothing wrong with hoping for the best from your investments, but you could head for trouble if you base your financial goals on unrealistic assumptions.”

Money Management

Creating lasting wealth involves budgeting, saving, and managing expenses. It helps to create a clear financial path to follow. Make a plan to create a budget for all your costs. 

Consider your financial standing, pay off your debts, and create funds for emergencies. Keep records of your finances and evaluate the reports to evaluate your progress. 


Developing a wealthy mindset will get you closer to attaining financial prosperity much more than you imagine. Creating multiple sources of income, controlling your expenses, and making a suitable investment are all products of a wealthy mindset. Be positive in your ability to increase your revenue and judiciously use them. 

Get A Mentor 

In the words of Isaac Newton, he said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Learning from the experience of those who have walked the path of attaining financial stability and building lasting wealth is as important as creating wealth. A mentor helps you to understand mistakes they made along the way, advises you, and sets you on the right path. Get a mentor that has your growth in mind. 

Everyone desires wealth, whether as money in banks, properties, or investments. The difference between the people that eventually create wealth and ones that don’t is action.  

The road to creating lasting wealth is long. Therefore you need to arm yourself with the secrets discussed above to reach your financial goals. As a wealth coach, I can help you on this journey. Would you like to book a free 30 minutes appointment with me? Click here now

What You Need To Know About The Stamp Duty Holiday Extension

Earlier this year, Chancellor Rishi Sunak postponed the stamp duty holiday. The extension implies that buyers in England and Northern Ireland would not have to pay stamp duties on the first £500,000 of property, provided they completed their payment before 30 June 2021. 

Though stamp duty, which got introduced in July 2020, is coming to a close, you can still take advantage of the tax break available on the first £250,000 of a property purchase before the end of September. 

This may be late but if you wish to save some money on stamp duty before the end of September? This article got you covered with all the details you need. 

Can you still take advantage of the stamp duty?

Of course, you can still make savings out of stamp duty. Although, prepare yourself if you are planning to complete your purchase at the end of September because the stamp duty holiday will come to a close by then.

Completing the sales of a property takes an average of three months but now takes up to four months. We can trace this change to the sudden increase in the level of sales in the past year. So the chance of being able to do this is low but not impossible.

However, to speed up your purchase, you can buy your property through an auctioneer or stay in close contact with your conveyancer.

Zoopla estimated that over 50,000 buyers in England missed out on the maximum savings of the stamp duty as the full-time stamp duty holiday on the first £500,000 of a property purchase drew to a close at the end of June.

Why was the stamp duty holiday introduced?

Stamp duty holiday was introduced to support the UK property market by helping buyers whose finances were affected by Covid. 

First-time buyers also have opportunities for stamp duty relief beyond the current stamp duty holiday. Regardless, the regular stamp duty rate will set in from 1 October 2021. 

Why was the stamp duty holiday extended?

The stamp duty holiday was first announced in July 2020 by the chancellor when COVID-1 struck. The pandemic caused a decline in the property market but the tax break helped to give a new direction in the property space as buyers considered the purchase of mini-homes.

This led to high traffic in the buying of homes. Hence, securing a home took longer than usual. Besides, a petition receiving over 100,000 signatures encouraged a debate to be held in February to extend the stamp duty holiday.

Stamp duty rate from 1 October 2021.

Starting from 1 October, they will charge foreign investors 17% for their property purchase depending on the value and the number of homes they have bought before.

Stamp duty is determined by calculating the percentage of the property you purchase, and it applies to every form of property.  

For existing homeowners the rates are:

0% up to £125000

2% on 125,0001 to £250,000

5% on 250,0001 to £92,5000

10% on 925,0001 to £1.5m

12% on any value above £1.5m

Although first-time buyers do not pay standard stamp duty on up to £300,000, they pay 5% on properties worth £300,000 – £500,000. Unless the property value is more than £500,000, they will have to pay the standard rate.

Homeowners who have more than one property will be charged 3% besides the standard stamp rate.

While for Non-UK residents, they are charged an extra 2% since April 2021 besides the original stamp duty plus a 3% charge rate if the investor owns a property prior to the new purchase.

Usually, you pay stamp duty within 14 days of completing your property purchase. This has been a money-saving initiative by the government, and for people who took advantage of it.

In conclusion, there are other types of schemes the government uses to support buyers you should consider if it is suitable for you. They include; help to buy, first homes, mortgage guarantee, and shared ownership.

Let me know if you found this information valuable or if you have any questions for me.

5 Things to Know Before You Invest in Real Estate.

Investing in real estate in the UK is a lucrative business. Although it is not enough to want to invest in properties. You also need to make profits for it to be satisfying because the goal of investing is to make money.

Therefore, it is imperative to do some research before getting your home because of the risk involved. This would help you make the right decisions, achieve your investing goals and improve your confidence for further dealings. Here are some rewarding steps you have to take before investing in any property in the UK.

Make Your Findings on the Best Location.

Before investing in any property, research the location. Choose the best place that would yield your desired profit. Properties in the UK have excellent prospects, but not all locations have the same value, the same rate of demand, or appreciation value.

Choose the type of property.

After deciding on your location, you also have to determine the type of property you want to buy. Your area of choice will dictate the type of property you buy. Consider if you wish to rent out or sell your properties. Some locations in the UK would attract residential properties for professionals or students. For example, the Population of students in Manchester and Liverpool will make demands for residential properties in these areas high. 

Do not base your choice on emotions.

 You do not have to base your judgment on your likes or dislikes. When choosing the property, you want to invest in, evaluate your options critically. Even though it is a less risky venture, you still need to approach it like a business. You should base your choice on what is logically proven to be rewarding. 

Be Educated on the Financial and Legal Issues.

Another important thing is for you to understand details before investing in any property. You need to be familiar with the legal and financial issues associated with real estate; you could even hire a solicitor to act on your behalf. Understand the taxes you need to pay, legal fees, legal conditions associated with the property.

Know Your Expenses and Profit Ahead.

Before buying any property, calculate the cost. You need to calculate the amount of money you have, repair cost, operational cost, legal registry fees, cost of the property and compare with a rough estimate of the profit before considering a property. This calculation will enable you to know if you are likely to make a profit or not. If you have the proper knowledge of your cash flow, you will make a wise investment.

Real estate is a vast market if you can plan and do all that is necessary before investing. Your research on the best location, knowing the type of property you want to get, counting the cost, understanding the legal and financial details, and not allowing your emotions to affect your decision-making when buying a property. 

Time taken to gather facts and plan will not be a waste when you get your desired profit.  

How To Stay Motivated, And Reach for Your Goals.

Everyone needs motivation in life. The level of inspiration you have determines how well you achieve your goals. To have a goal is not as important as achieving that goal. Let’s look at some ideas to help you stay motivated to achieve your goals.

1. Have a goal and visualize them 

A good way to stay motivated in life is to set goals. When you set goals, achieving them becomes a target that you never want to let go of. Although having dreams is not just enough, you need to visualize them often to remind your subconscious that you must reach your goals. 

A person without goals is like a ship without a sailor. Want to stay motivated? Set big goals and visualize them always. 

2. Find a good reason

Another way to stay motivated is always to find a good reason for your set goals. This will help you stay on track because there will be many challenges to throw you off course and the only way to stand firm are the reasons for your goals.

Asides from external challenges, there are times you will not even have the drive to continue on your pursuit, but reminding yourself of why you started would help a lot.

3. Track and identify your progress

When you are on a journey to achieving your goals, ensure that you track and identify your progress. This is a kind of evaluation that helps you know if you are working on your goals and if you’re on the right path.

It is not enough to identify your goals. Learn to track your progress to evaluate your accomplishment.

4. Reward Yourself

There are many ways you can motivate yourself with incentives. It doesn’t matter what the rewards are, it could be to go shopping, going on a trip, getting yourself a new car, a house or whatever. A reward is a great motivation. So when you reach a milestone, take out time to compensate and celebrate yourself because the small wins matter.

Whenever you feel a little down about reaching your goals, always remember that you are not alone because it happens to all of us. However, to stay motivated, always set big goals, visualize them, and give yourself good reasons to pursue these goals. In addition, track your progress, and reward yourself when you reach some milestones. Life may not be so long, but you can make the most of it. 

I hope that you have found some good ideas to adopt from the above. Please reach out to me here if you have questions about any of the things I mentor on; that is personal development, property investing, and forex trading.