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How to Beat Procrastination to Stop Hindering Your Growth in Life

Procrastination is a bad habit that hinders personal and professional growth; in fact, it is commonly known to be a thief of time. If you are like me, then cultivating good habit is important to you.

In this article, let us deal with a habit that has kept many people stuck in a life of mediocrity – procrastination – which means to keep delaying or postponing something that must be done because it is either boring or because you just haven’t found the motivation to do it.

I will not deny the fact that sometimes we are too busy to attend to certain things and sometimes, our priorities aid procrastinating of some activities we want ‘to do’.

However, beating the habit of procrastination is as important as achieving one’s goal. An important tip to dealing with procrastination is to understand the reason for doing so and addressing it at the core.

So, What Causes Procrastination?

1. Negative Perfectionism:

This is a way of thinking that is based on unrealistic expectations of oneself. A lot of people are guilty of this because they often set perfect standards for themselves; forgetting that there is nothing called perfect with humans. We all just have to try our best at all times to reach our goals.

How to beat it:

In this case, it helps to understand your ‘perfectionism’ approach to life and set small realistic goals that are easy to achieve. You will be surprised in the end how much you can get done.

2. Fear of the Unknown:

You probably already know this faceless devil called fear of the unknown – we have all met with it at some point in life. We experience fear of the unknown because we do not want to fail (but who has become great in life without a fair share of failure?). Certainly, it is okay to have fears but you must not let them keep you from moving because growth begins when we act, regardless of the inconvenience.

How to beat it:

This is more of a mindset, and it can be beaten only with a counter mindset. Here, keep in mind that fear of the unknown comes with unknown territories. So, if you want to do something you haven’t done before, brace up and wear your ‘warrior-suit’ – because courage is all you need to beat this. Believing that you can do all things will come handy too.

3. Distractions:

Oh, distractions. These are everywhere. Home, office, you name it and there are things competing for your attention everywhere. Your phones, the TV, internet or even your kids. It is becoming more difficult to ignore distractions in the world today which is the more reason to stand up to it if growth matters to you.

How to beat it:

There is no other way to beat distractions than to be disciplined. Discipline, discipline and more discipline is the most reliable way to beat it. Be strong-willed about the things you want to do and ensuring that nothing comes in the way of accomplishing it.

4. Lack of motivation:

Another cause of procrastination that we often think is beyond our control is lack of motivation to start. I have heard over a thousand times that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. To take that step, however, sometimes we need a push and so do every other person in the world. It is therefore not smart to fold our hands in wait for that little spark of motivation before we start doing what we need to do – especially from others.

How to beat it:

Self-motivation is the keyword here. Never wait for people or life to motivate you before you start, instead get out there and find the things that motivate you. For me, I study the biography of great people and listen to their speeches. I read the bible and learn from mentors too (they are a source of external motivation you can rely on), however, you must learn to inspire yourself to start and you will be surprised how much momentum you can gather from taking the first the step.

That’s it, the four main causes of procrastination and how to beat it so that you will stop hindering your growth in life.

I hope you find this helpful enough to start taking to it now because good habits aid personal development and there is really nothing worth living for if we are not growing.

21 Home Improvement Ideas That Increase Home Value

Every home needs occasional improvement to increase its value, and this can be done without breaking the bank. In fact, there a lot of ways to do-it-yourself…

Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, garden, or backyard. You need to be deliberate about the look of every part of your home. Spruce up the neglected room, declutter your wardrobe, create more space and brighten up the rooms with this DIY home improvement ideas.

We will start with the kitchen since it is popularly believed to be the heart of the home.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Kitchen

1. Boost your kitchen storage whether it is large or small, take advantage of the wall and free corner space with open shelves to keep dishes, spices, and cookware for easy reach.

2. Try a new shade of colour to give your cabinets a brand new look.

3. Let your floor shine. No matter the flooring material, whether wood or tiles, regular exposure to dirt, dust, and high foot traffic will leave it looking dull. You can restore your floor’s shine by polishing it with the product designed for the specific floor material.

4. Replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones. because they are better for the environment and saves you money because they use less energy.

5. Install self-adhesive hooks on the wall to hang lightweight items on.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Room

6. Sell the old vase and get a new one. Except you really like the current in which case you can just fill it with fresh flowers from the garden.

7. Get beautiful wall papers for different parts of the home. This brightens dull walls and brings life into the room with little expense that is.

8. Clean your light fittings to give the room a boost and dusty mirrors with glass cleaner spray.

9. Get a pop hamper to organise your laundry and keep season clothing or spare blankets away.

10. Fill your rooms with sensual appealing fragrance and frame your favourite photograph to hang on your wall.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Garden

11. Keep your lawn tidy by getting rid of weeds with a lawn weed killer

12. Grow plants from seeds to add colour to your garden and use plant clips to maintain healthy plant growth.

13. Use pesticides to banish garden pest and protect your plants.

14. keep flowers healthy with a flower feed and separate your flower bed from the lawn with some edging.

15. Add some solar lights.

Some Other Home Improvement Ideas

16. Remodel your bathroom by painting, changing the towel bars, faucet and mirrors.

17. Replace that tired old welcome mat to a clean new one.

18. Make your leather sofa look like new by polishing it often.

19. Use cable clips to keep cables tidy and out of the way.

20. Get a file holder to keep kid’s school work and your home office organized.

These do-it-yourself home improvement ideas are inexpensive but very essential ‘small things’ we often overlook.

Mark the ones you can start doing right now to improve your home and increase its value.

However, in conclusion…

21. Ensure to remove any household marks or stains at the first sight as these little things add up to help you have a great ‘valuable’ home.



5 Things To Love While Searching For an Ideal Home

If you are considering buying or moving to a new home, then this list of “5 Things To Love While Searching For an Ideal Home” will help you make a great choice.

These are important things to keep in mind. First…

The Location

It’s been said over and over that the best three things to look out for when getting properties are location, location and location. This can never be overstated because when you buy a house, you can not change the location.

So, therefore, consider your choice of neighbourhood based on easy access to your office, parks, shopping malls or wherever you think matters to you and your family.

The Neighbours

Having gotten the right location, you also want to consider your neighbours. Your prospective neighbours should be people you can get along with.

Is the neighbourhood safe? Do neighbours keep their yard clean? Is it a nice environment to live in? These are questions to find out answers to.

To know these, you can actually drive through on a weekend or even knock on a few doors to ask questions.

The View

Beyond location, you need to be sure that the home is situated in an area of the area that offers a pleasing view.

If your life-long dream is to look over a lake from your conservatory armchair, don’t compromise on it. Reach out for the corner of the neighbourhood that avails you that wish. (As you only live once right?.)

The Garden

If you really enjoy the ambience of a garden like me, you’ll need to find a home that has one.

An important tip here is to check that the garden faces the South, for better sunlight. East favours early morning sun lights. West is the best if you’ll be relaxing in your garden late afternoons.

Don’t forget to use the best flowers that are appealing to your senses so that your garden becomes you favourite relaxation place in the home. (Trust me, this has an inspiring benefit for idea creation.)

The Estate Agent

This won’t apply to you if you do not need an estate agent, but often times it is best that you use the expertise of a real estate professional. In fact, I recommend that you have a close tie with one.

Having a close relationship with your estate agent gives you first-hand information for buying opportunities. At MS Estate, we offer this to our in-house clients. You can also become a beneficiary of such opportunity.

In fact, we also teach people to become millionaire property investors. If any of our services interest you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Especially if you want to become a millionaire property investor.

I hope you find these 5 Things To Love While Searching For an Ideal Home helpful. If so, please help me share with your friends.

Thank you for your time.

3 Things That Makes You Succeed Every Time at Everything


Why do some people achieve success at everything they do while others struggle?

That’s a question every curious person should have asked at one point or the other in their life. This is a question I set out to find an answer to in my personal and professional endeavour. Well, I found that a few things set the successful person and the mediocre apart.

Successful people set goals, develop a winning strategy to achieve it and act after all – they never get stuck at the planning stage.

I found that success is simply a function of goals, strategies and action! As this year is rolling up to an end, it is important that we deliberately make the most of it. We need to be intentional about making it a better year than anyone we’ve had because nothing happens by chance.

The good thing is that life presents opportunities for growth sometimes where we least expect. But, we must understand the things that make some people succeed even when others fail all the time.

These 3 essential elements help to achieve great success every time at everything we do. With it, our possibilities are endless.

  1. Setting Goals

There are certain questions that are quite critical to one’s chances of succeeding in life. For instance, you should have answers to questions like, “what do I want to achieve this year, this month or ultimately, in my life?”

Whether you know it or not, this question is crucial to achieving success. It begins the goal setting process for everyone… It might interest you that a lack of definite goals ultimately results in little or no achievement at all.

As simple as losing weight, starting a business, and buying a house – you must learn to have your goals written down. If your goal is not tangible enough to write down, it’s not likely to be achieved because you haven’t taken the least of all important actions on it – that is writing it down.

Now when you want to set your goals remember to make it SMART. By that, I mean… Your goals have to be SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC and must be within a TIME FRAME. That’s when your goal can be achieved.

  1. Developing a Strategy

Success in life is not only dependent upon goal setting; it’s not enough to have goals, you need to come up with a strategy or strategies on how to achieve them.

It is your responsibility to develop strategies or plans to achieve your goals. This is where a lot of people fail. They have big ideas, but they play down the importance of developing a realistic blueprint to help them achieve their goals.

Don’t let that be you.

If you followed the last election in the United States, you will agree with me that Donald Trump became the President because he adopted a strategy that worked for him. He knows what matters and went to work with it. That’s the power of strategies.

Having goals without strategies is like embarking on a journey without a destination. Strategies answer the question of ‘How’ So when you set goals, ensure to come up with a strategy that will make you a win at it.

  1. Taking Action

In the school of success, all achievements can be attributed to one key word – ACTION.

Everyone who has succeeded in life will tell you that action was what made the difference for them, not ideas and neither was it a perfect strategy but taking action. It is okay to have goals and brilliant strategies to achieve them, but without action, nothing happens.

You will remain at the same level you were for as long as you choose to delay acting on the plans. Success is not easy; it takes hard work and determination. That is why after you’ve set goals and developed strategies, there’s still more to do – like taking action. If you want it so badly, won’t you pay the price?

Well… In case you don’t know, when you get to the highway of prosperity, what shows up is work.

So, if success is going to be yours, it’s up to you. The challenge I put to you today is to do the work! Talking and planning all the time won’t take you an inch without action. Those who are rewarded are those who are ready to pay the sacrifice; who are ready to do the work.

So, if you want this year to be better than last year, roll up your sleeves, check up on your goals for the year or set new ones but don’t stop there, create a definite strategy and act on them because nothing good comes cheap. You have to pay the price.