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5 Reasons You Need A Multiple Stream Of Income

More than ever, creating multiple sources of income is essential to keep a constant flow of cash for your immediate needs, increase your purchasing power and fund your desired lifestyle.

The concept of diverse sources of income is more profound in this age. The internet is a leveler with several decentralized platforms offering people the opportunity to make passive or active income either by selling products, trading, or offering services from the comfort of their homes. 

Aside from having financial protection, earning an extra income also gives you the leverage to pursue your passion, travel far and wide, explore the world, and might be the opportunity to move from financial dependency to being independent and sufficient. 

If you ever desire to create multiple income streams for yourself, the reasons below will reinforce the desire to commit to that plan. 

Financial Independence 

Having extra income sources helps you to be financially independent of your primary income or rely on anyone to live your dream life. It puts you in a position where you do not have to work to fund the lifestyle you desire and the absolute choice to decide when to retire. 

You have control over your time, the type of investment, and your commitment. It allows you to spend enough time with your family and friends and more time to rest and enjoy while you don’t have to worry about making money or the financial cost of your lifestyle. 

Diversification Of Investment

Multiple income streams allow you to diversify your investment portfolio to minimize risks. With money coming in from different sources, you can choose to invest in other enterprises or businesses from the various cash flow sources to generate more revenue, so in the event of a disaster or loss in one investment, you can have another that will make up for it. According to a famous phrase, “do not put all your eggs in one basket.”

Financial Security

If you work a 9-5 job or run a business, it is best to create other income sources to mitigate the impact of the loss of a job or failure in your industry. With much instability in the corporate world amidst the economic recession, you can not assure the safety of your job. It is best to be prepared for the inevitable by having income from other sources aside from your job.  

Fund Your Dream Life

If you want to achieve the dream of living in a penthouse, going on vacation in exotic destinations, or timeout on a yacht, then you must be smart enough to create multiple income sources to fund those dreams. 

The chances are high that you may not realize your dream life if you keep up with only one source of income. Rather than worry about the dream, designate a diversified income source to cater to your vision.

More Time To Enjoy Your Life. 

When you have income from different sources, it affords you the privilege to be your own boss, a chance to plan your life the way you want. You can choose to pursue your passion, spend more time with your family, or even retire early to travel the world. 

Creating multiple sources of income takes time, hard work, and dedication to build, but if you commit to the plan, you are on the right path to achieving financial sufficiency. 

There are many options you can combine with your daily job or your business. Find the right one that fits your schedule. Even if your monthly income covers your expenses, it is still best to supplement it with other income streams. 

Are you interested in trading in the capital market, or do you want to invest in properties in the UK? I can help you. If any of the above interest you, book a free 30 minutes with me here and lets about helping you create multiple streams of income. 

5 Secrets To Help You Create Lasting Wealth That Will Outlive You

Wealth is beyond fancy cars, gigantic mansions, exotic holidays, and yachts. Wealth is a wise investment that yields profits and substantial returns. It takes a commitment to wealth-building strategies and investing in people. 

A famous saying goes, ‘’a generational wealth begins with a risk-taker,” but so is generational poverty.

The great disparity between the rich and poor in the world is a testament that there are secrets to creating lasting wealth that can withstand the test of time and drastic economic changes. 

Taking a clue from wealthy people reveals that creating lasting wealth is a long-term goal that requires planning, perseverance, and commitment. Simply wishing to be rich without taking cognizance of the secrets of wealth creation adopted by the successful upper class of the society is just a futile endeavor. 

Therefore, if you desire financial stability, you need to understand that there is no get rich quick scheme anywhere. Becoming wealthy is the accumulation of resources over a lifetime. 

Consider the points below and apply them to your life to experience a turnaround in your finances. 

Financial Responsibility  

Financial responsibility is a skill and mindset that manages available resources to make plans for the present. It is a lot of decision-making that requires critical thinking and risk-taking. To achieve financial stability and create lasting wealth, you need to be prudent in judiciously spending and managing your resources. 

Realistic Expectations

While investing in properties or the stock market, maintain a realistic expectation of your return on investment. Do not set your hope too high, losing sight of external factors and changes in market trends. 

Many people expect a far more yield on investment than the average expectation, which might lead to incurring too much risk. According to Economic Times, “there is nothing wrong with hoping for the best from your investments, but you could head for trouble if you base your financial goals on unrealistic assumptions.”

Money Management

Creating lasting wealth involves budgeting, saving, and managing expenses. It helps to create a clear financial path to follow. Make a plan to create a budget for all your costs. 

Consider your financial standing, pay off your debts, and create funds for emergencies. Keep records of your finances and evaluate the reports to evaluate your progress. 


Developing a wealthy mindset will get you closer to attaining financial prosperity much more than you imagine. Creating multiple sources of income, controlling your expenses, and making a suitable investment are all products of a wealthy mindset. Be positive in your ability to increase your revenue and judiciously use them. 

Get A Mentor 

In the words of Isaac Newton, he said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Learning from the experience of those who have walked the path of attaining financial stability and building lasting wealth is as important as creating wealth. A mentor helps you to understand mistakes they made along the way, advises you, and sets you on the right path. Get a mentor that has your growth in mind. 

Everyone desires wealth, whether as money in banks, properties, or investments. The difference between the people that eventually create wealth and ones that don’t is action.  

The road to creating lasting wealth is long. Therefore you need to arm yourself with the secrets discussed above to reach your financial goals. As a wealth coach, I can help you on this journey. Would you like to book a free 30 minutes appointment with me? Click here now

5 Principles to Win Big in Property Investing

I do not mean to brag at all, but I have had a good share of success investing in properties and that’s why I want to share these 5 principles I use every time to win big when I invest in real estate.

These 5 principles can make the difference for you when investing properties. It will help you buy like a pro and accelerate your investment journey faster than you can imagine.

1st Principle

Cash flow. I always buy for cash flow. Every time I buy real estate I keep it in mind that it must give me cash flow because if I put my money in the bank I will get interest. Likewise, if I put my money in stocks and shares, I will get dividends. So when I invest in properties I also want returns and that is cash flow. Property to me is a cash machine; it gives me income every day, every month and every year. When you learn to invest wisely, your returns will be good cash flow from your portfolio every time.

2nd Principle

Add value. I like to buy properties that no one wants to touch, properties that smell. I call them the smelling ones – the kind of properties that I can put my own signature on. I don’t look for perfect properties that have a good kitchen, good toilet or the like; I want to put my own signature on the property. So, I look for properties that are run down, not with structural problems but property that can be refurbished or renovated, the ones that need a new kitchen, toilet or bath. You can even put a new painting, new floor, ceilings or double glazing. These are the things that will make it look wow.

When you do this, you are adding value to that property and because of that, you will be able to buy this property at around bottom price. Also when you look into those properties, the amenities that need to be fixed are what you will use to negotiate with the vendor. Often times, when you get a property that is not good and you add your own value to it; you might have increased the value of that property by £25,000 to £30,000.

3rd Principle

Leverage; I always look for ways to buy properties without any of my money. Yes – you heard me right. I use different strategies to raise funds for my investments. If I want to buy any property, I look for a way to make sure I use little or none of my money. How do I do this? I could refinance my existing property, I could borrow from friends and family, I could borrow from the bank or I could do joint ventures. There are so many strategies that you can use to be your own bank, but leverage is key.

Did you know that property is the only asset class that the bank will lend you almost 100% for if it’s commercial? That’s the truth. Another testament that leverage is key, it is the ability to print your own cheque and be your own bank, and importantly one of the things that could make you a winner especially if you know how to raise funds not just for properties but for any other business. Whoever knows how to turn this tap will be a winner because cash is king.

4th Principle

Appreciation; I invest in property for appreciation. When I say that, I mean two types of appreciation that you must look out for. First, you need to understand that a property is an asset that you will enjoy its yields after a long time, around 8 – 20 years. In fact, most properties double between 8 and 12 years. This means, when you are able to hold properties for a long time, you will enjoy the profits of a certain income in the future.

Therefore, you are able to enjoy both capital appreciation and rental appreciation. This is very important to hold on to, property investing is a journey. Always invest for a long journey, If you are able to hold properties for a long time you will create wealth that you can be passed on to your children and the generation after.

5th Principle

Discount; is a vital one for me. This is the centerpiece of my principles. I will not buy real estate or property if there is no discount in it. I always buy below market value because you make a profit from day 1 when you buy not when you sell.

If I’m able to buy below market price at a discounted value of 10% or 15%, and if that’s just £20,000, it does not matter.

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